Fire Water features in FAN bulletin

Sapphire Eyes Productions wishes to thank the Fluoride Action Network for mentioning our film, Fire Water, in their official bulletin, re-posted below:

Fluoride Action Network – Official Bulletin – November 14, 2011

Fluoride Films

Recently, two new films have been produced by independent filmmakers bringing attention to the risks and dangers association with fluoridation.

In Australia, Sapphire Eyes Productions has released their film Fire Water. It’s a groundbreaking indictment of Australia’s mandatory water fluoridation policy, featuring health and scientific professionals, State Members of Parliament, former MP’s, activists, sufferers and concerned citizens. The film exposes the truth about the industrial-grade fluoridation chemicals used to fluoridate Australian public water supplies.

In the United States, filmmakers Paul Wittenburger and Chris Maple (Framing the World Productions) have made The Great Culling. The film explores the direct connection between environmental toxins, including fluoride, and the current epidemic of neurological disorders that are on the rise.

We also invite you to visit FAN’s YouTube channel where we’ve uploaded over 30 videos, including our film Professional Perspectives and and interview with Christopher Bryson about The Fluoride Deception.

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2 responses to “Fire Water features in FAN bulletin

  1. These great people in Australia from Sapphire Eyes Productions (Jaya Chela Drolma and Daniel Zalec) and in US Framing the World Productions (Paul Wittenburger and Chris Maple) care so much about the long term health and safety of us all and our entire environment that they did this for us to try and bring the truth to the world about the very real harm to our health and environment from these dangerously corrosive and cumulative toxic waste pollutants ie fluorosilicic acid/silicofluorides deliberately and in many cases forcibly added to our water supplies and as a consequence thereof, contaminates all our foods, drinks and everything grown, produced, manufactured using ‘fluoridated water’ – this is absolute madness and putting all of us in Harm’s Way – the ‘fluoride’ contamination we all suffer is already chronic and cumulative from the many sources of ‘fluorides’ including toothpaste, dental products, mouth washes, dental services, fluorinated pesticide residues on foods, pharmaceuticals, etc. etc.
    The only answer is to end permanently and irrevocably all ‘fluoridation schemes’ and to provide affordable dental services to all the population.
    I live in hope that mainstream media will give the truth of this to all the population.

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