Fire Water features in New Dawn 130 (January-February 2012)

January-February 2012

Featuring FIRE WATER

Refer to article:

Speaking Out Against Water Fluoridation – By Helen Cannington



2 responses to “Fire Water features in New Dawn 130 (January-February 2012)

  1. Thank you to New Dawn Magazine

    Dear FIRE WATER fans:

    More good news for the Fire Water Project. The film features in New Dawn Magazine, in a hard-hitting 5 page article titled, ‘Speaking Out Against Water Fluoridation’ By Helen Cannington. Please do not hesitate to contact New Dawn.

    This is my contact to them:-
    Dear Editor of New Dawn Magazine,

    I wish to thank you sincerely and congratulate you on having the journalistic honor, integrity and guts to further expose the mass fraud of water fluoridation (aka fluorosilicic acid/silicofluoride poisoning of our water supplies & as a consequence thereof the contamination of all our foods, beverages, alcohol et al produced using ‘fluoridated water’) to the world and the cumulative harm to health and to our total environment from these dangerously corrosive and cumulative toxic waste pollutants and co-contaminants of lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium et al..

    Thank you sincerely, Diane Drayton Buckland

    To contact New Dawn Magazine go here:-

    Fire Water Film link here:

    Thank you so much Sapphire Eyes Productions for your wonderful work in trying to protect the long term health and safety of the population and our entire environment.

    Diane Drayton Buckland
    Independent Chemical Researcher/Activist
    FIA website | MCS website | Profile

    Fluoride Dr John Yiamouyiannis – CANCER

  2. Yes it is a great article – New Dawn shames mainstream media by telling the truth – I have bought New Dawn Magazines for many years – another fabulous magazine that shames mainstream media is Uncensored magazine NZ. Congratulations to both these wonderful magazines caring for the people enough to give them the truth.

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