Fire Water viewing: Bondi, Sydney – 1st November, 2013

A grassroots meeting: On invitation, as the Producer of FireWater, I flew down to support local Sydney safe-water activists in their efforts to raise awareness of the current Australian Water Fluoridation issue – Bondi Junction, Sydney, 1st November.


My hosts met me at the airport, then kept me well looked after – housed, fed and watered during the (nearly) three-day visit – a very special thankyou must be given for the kindness and hospitality during this time; along with their enthusiasm, attention to detail and genuine community spirit.

The viewing venue was the local Chapel by the Sea,  a clean, well organised community centre  in the heart of the Bondi Community –  we were inside the main chapel filled with the beauty of glorious stained glass windows and a very peaceful ambience.

7:15pm Most who had come, had not seen the film before.  So, attended by a keen and varied group of Bondi community members, I opened the night by giving a ten-minute introductory talk on how the film came about ie. from sincere community requests, with the funding being donations. Plus we all had a chuckle at my tales of the dodgy camera and how difficult it was to pull the footage together – the challenge of my very first editing attempts of bringing over 90 hours of footage down to 15 succinct hours (1 x full documentary, cut from 19 interviews), learning as I went along (!!).  As the film is now a few years old, it was important to fill in some of the issue’s events that have transpired on both local, national and international levels since the film was first released in early 2011 (now having over 130,000 views across the project of 74 films).

Flyers were distributed with research topics and sites to explore:



Decades of collation:

Australian Letters to ‘authorities’ and politicians:

and our Official FireWater website:

The book, The Case Against Fluoride  ISBN: 9781603582872  was also recommended to read (I had a very well read copy on hand to show those ‘newbies’ in the audience).

7:30pm Straight into the film – we viewed Pt. One (‘First things first: Just what the Hell are We Drinking’) & Pt. Two (‘Crimes Against the Innocent’) of FireWater: Australia’s Industrial Fluoridation Disgrace  – approximately half the documentary (as this is a long film, the first hour is vital to watch ie. pt 1 covers the industrial grade chemicals; pt 2 covers how various professionals see this issue; and how many ordinary people are being affected in the short and long-term).

8:45pm A short talk was given by local Medical Researcher, Dr Andrew Katelaris, on the co-contaminants of the fluoride mix, and how these can affect the brain and nervous systems – specifically mentioned was Arsenic and Lead. Questions and answers were asked; and comments made – many people were stunned at what we are meant to ingest long-term, in the name of ‘safe and effective’ for our ‘teeth’ (as if we are only teeth and nothing but, teeth).

9:05pm I didn’t let anyone doubt for a moment, the facts of the matter – no, industrial waste laced with co-contaminents, is not recommended for for babies whose blood-brain barrier is still developing. The infant warning is vitally important – but why have our Australian ‘authorities’ ignored this international warning? Nor is this industrial grade pollution mix good for those with kidney, heart, thyroid or other, health concerns.

And as for ethics?   We have not given our INFORMED CONSENT TO TREATMENT.  We talked for some time about just this section of the water fluoridation issue.  Informed consent to treatment given by dentists is a fundamental human right.

NB. For healthy teeth, the team at FireWater recommend a diet rich in wholefoods – fresh fruit & vegetable, and lean meats; plenty of clean pure spring or RO water; to get regular dental checkups; flossing and brushing twice daily; with a concerted awareness in the reduction in refined, processed foods – especially sugar – for children particularly, a reduction in the habits of ingesting large amounts of masse-produced refined fruit juices – or soft-drinks; and other junk-foods laden with sugars, artificial chemicals and flavourings.

9:45pm A healthy ‘joining the dots’ discussion then proceeded – discussion included how people need to awaken from their stupor urgently to pressing world chemical and other pollution issues – such as water fluoridation, CSG impacts; and, the Fukishima disaster (a major concern to many, many people) – and how these will impact Australia’s fresh food/seafood industry into the future; plus other chemical imbalance issues – how children especially, are being bombarded with chemicals via processed modern foods; water, air and other sources…..  the Bondi audience actively participated in a lengthy discussion, triggered by the industrial chemical issues raised in FireWater. It was agreed by the audience, that most people are still ‘asleep at the wheel’ and must awaken to all the issues of (industrial and other man-made) chemical assaults we are dealing with throughout the industrialised world – that a ‘critical masse’ needs to awaken, and, fast!

10:15pm Reminded all film go-ers WHAT YOU CAN DO:

1. Read, The Case Against Fluoride  ISBN: 9781603582872

2. ‘Like’ the FAN (USA) facebook page; become a member and get the FAN (USA) newsletter (top of the page);  join to become a member

3. Send out the link by email  to your contact list to watch/educate

4. Contact Sapphire Eyes Productions to go on local mailing list;

5. Set up a local Facebook page, then send link to AFAM facebook database;

6. Research, research, research.

10:25pm We finished and packed up the room – all who assisted with the pack up, chairs, etc – a huge thank you to those who stayed behind to help; and who came up to me and talked further (business cards exchanged, etc). It was agreed that the evening was a great success, and the talk(s) were valuable.

10:30pm Out the door.

NEXT DAY:  I received many phone calls and some emails of thanks……

GREAT EVENT. MORE just like this one, need to happen – a grassroots campaign.


Don’t Look. Won’t Find.

As an adjunct to The Fire Water Project, this film (via two people’s experience in trying to avoid fluoride exposure) has been made to draw attention to the fact that citizens in artificially fluoridated nations, such as Australia and the United States, are being exposed to fluoridated water without any attempt by health authorities to monitor for potential side-effects.

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Fire Water cited in ‘Public Health Ethics’ journal

Fire Water has been cited in an article titled, ‘Ethics of Artificial Water Fluoridation in Australia’ (2012) by Niyi Awofeso (School of Population Health, University of Western Australia, and School of Public Health, University of New South Wales, Australia). Significantly, the author concludes, as does the film, that forced fluoridation cannot be justified on ethical grounds.


A recent decision by several Australian federal politicians to support a parliamentary review of artificial water fluoridation has an intensified debate on the public health intervention. While there is a majority agreement among Australian dentists and other health professionals that adequate enamel fluoride is essential for dental health, the ethics of artificial fluoridation of public water supplies as a contemporary vehicle for facilitating adequate supply of fluoride to teeth is highly contested. Opponents of artificial water fluoridation insist that there are many alternative sources of fluoride, that mandatory water fluoridation violates the ethical principle of autonomy and that water fluoridation is not only expensive and unnecessary but also may endanger health by causing fluorosis and, potentially, hypothyroidism and pathological bone fractures. In contrast, proponents of water fluoridation posit that mandatory water fluoridation facilitates health equity and that the benefits accruing to society from prevention of dental caries (beneficence principle) outweighs impairment of individual autonomy. This article utilizes Childress’ ‘justificatory conditions’ to evaluate the ethical appropriateness of artificial water fluoridation in Australia. The author concludes that there is insufficient ethical justification for artificial water fluoridation in Australia.

Abstract source | Full text PDF

Specifically, the author references the Freedom of Information documents* shown in Fire Water, which were originally obtained by Ann Bressington, and given to the filmmakers by dentist Dr. Andrew Harms.

The filmmakers consider this citation a vindication of the central messages of the film itself; and of the general concerns expressed by all those interviewed for the project.

For more on the unethical nature of water fluoridation, click here.

[*Click on each page individually]

Revisiting: A conversation with Darryl Turner

As support for fluoridation continues to crumble in North America, we believe now is a good time to honour the independent citizen researchers and activists who make this happen. Last year, we interviewed one such Australian researcher, Darryl Turner.

Today, Darryl continues his quest to educate fellow citizens about the potential dangers of fluoride consumption, whilst holding promoters of the policy to account for their actions. If you wish to contact Darryl, please refer to the video description. Want to watch more interviews with Aussies fighting against fluoridation? Click here.